Quick start guide

Register with Nexmo. Make sure to configure your Nexmo account Callback URL to http://pushs.ms/receipt

Ok! Ready to start a new campaign

Click "Create new campaign" link from the right hand menu.

Choose a name for your campaign, this is for internal use only.

Select the Excel file (.xls version Office 97 - 2004) containing the list of recipient for your campaign. This file should include at least one column with the recipient phone number using an international format without 00 or + (ex: 447000000000) and 2 optional columns for sender name and text message. If you are specifying a "sender name" we recommend you to use numeric characters because some mobile operators might consider your message as spam.

If you considering sending messages in unicode (i.e. using a Chinese or Arabic characters) make sure to select "UTF-8" from the drop down menu.

Click "Continue". And you will see the total numbers of rows and the 10 first records from your Excel file.

Depending on the Excel file content you can choose to add or modify the sender name and text message you want to publish to all recipients, to do so click on "Overwrite text message" link

You can now save your campaign by clicking "Save", don't worry we are not sending messages yet.

Click on the "Continue" button.

Ok we are now ready to push out the campaign. You can do it now by clicking on "Send now" button. You can decide to do it later, by going the "View campaigns" section.

Once your campaign is sent you will be able to see this type of report.

Back to the pushSMS application.